Month: June 2019

Hockey Loan Insurance Real Estate Borrower

Do you practice a sports activity, hockey and you want to best guarantee a loan in progress? Check out our special file borrow with Hockey Sport Risk … For a new loan, with guarantee related to sports risks hockey The same sports borrower can search, find and take out external credit insurance at the bank. […]

How to split your debt?

Moreover, when it comes to micro-enterprises, both individuals and corporations can owe values ​​to the government. With that in mind, we have separated some ways of negotiating your debt with the government and solving this problem.   How can I request the payment? In the case of companies, the applicant needs to fit in accordance […]

Apartment loan: find the best loan online

Why take out an apartment loan? It is rarely possible to buy a flats. It is precisely to remedy this that serves a real estate credit: it is a contract by which an institution (bank, credit organization …) lends you an amount plus an interest rate to carry out your project, which you repay over […]