Do you practice a sports activity, hockey and you want to best guarantee a loan in progress? Check out our special file borrow with Hockey Sport Risk …

For a new loan, with guarantee related to sports risks hockey

For a new loan, with guarantee related to sports risks hockey

The same sports borrower can search, find and take out external credit insurance at the bank. To compete, the broker specialized in sports risk management hockey will find the best insurance contract for loans. 

Define the hockey risks to guarantee:

Define the hockey risks to guarantee:

  • Muscle problem
  • Lesions, fractures,
  • Fall, fresh

Hockey (“lacrosse”) is a team sport that consists of sending a puck (ball, puck) with a stick (stick) in the goal of the opposing team. There are several hockey disciplines: ice hockey, field hockey, roller in line hockey, street hockey, indoor hockey, air hockey …

For a current loan, with guarantee related to sports risks hockey

Dangerous real estate risk insurance

Dangerous real estate risk insurance

Loan insurance is a guarantee required by banks to grant a mortgage because this type of borrowing commits the borrower over a long repayment period and therefore requires the bank to protect itself against possible situations preventing it from pay his monthly payments. In the event of death, disability, incapacity for work or loss of employment of the borrower, the loan insurance covers the repayment in whole or in part of the monthly loan payments to the credit institution. Since the entry into force of the Lagarde law (September 2010), you have the possibility to resort to a delegation of insurance, that is to say that you can take out your insurance outside the lending institution.

Are you really well secure for your loan with sporting hockey practice?

Check your current loan insurance contract to define the important points to modify, if there are points to improve you can easily negotiate the loan insurance change with your bank, it is in your interest but also that of the beneficiary of this insurance.

The problem of hockey risks

Hockey, like other “risky” sporting activities, can be included in loan insurance exclusions. To obtain a contract adapted to the practice of your “at risk” sport, it is necessary for the insurer to apply special conditions. In this case, know that you will have to pay a premium.

Hockey expertise of insurance broker for loan

The sports borrower can take out insurance tailored to the risks of his sporting hockey. The venture said hockey sport can be covered properly during a real estate loan with insurance ready custom hockey sport by the broker with promptly.

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