Moreover, when it comes to micro-enterprises, both individuals and corporations can owe values ​​to the government. With that in mind, we have separated some ways of negotiating your debt with the government and solving this problem.

How can I request the payment?


In the case of companies, the applicant needs to fit in accordance with their tax regime. In the case of individuals, the request can be made by any taxpayer, observing the limit of the values.

Therefore, your debts can not exceed R $ 1 million. In addition, the DNN only provides a new installment payment if the taxpayer has honored the amounts in question of the old application.

Who can do the installment?

Who can do the installment?

Individuals and legal entities may pay the debt with the DNN. Requests from small, medium and large companies are allowed.

This is what determines Law 13496/2017, which resulted in the Special Tax Regularization Program (PERT). Therefore, it is possible to negotiate debts of a tax and non-tax nature.

In order to negotiate the debt with the Internal Revenue Service, you must check what the requirements are.

Step by step how to do the installment

Step by step how to do the installment

Step 1: Access the Federal Revenue website

To request the installment of debt, access the citizen’s area on the DNN website and choose the installment payment option.

Step 2: Put some information

Opt for the simplified installment option. To enter the system, use your CPF number, voter’s title and date of birth.

Step 3: Negotiate the values

After this process, an access code will be generated. In the next screen you can negotiate the installment amounts. Finally, print out your payment guide. It is also possible to perform the procedure at an DNN agency as well.

In case of late payment, you must pay a fine of RF. So be careful when negotiating the plots.

What are the rules applied?


  • There will be a fine of 1% on the value in question each month, an amount that can reach the limit of 20%. At the time of payment, it means that the taxpayer should bear the amount related to the debt plus the additions;
  • The installments can be negotiated with application of the Selic rate are of two types. In the first, there is a payment of 20% of the cash value. After that, the remainder of the debt can be split up to 60 times. There is also a greater distribution of payments, with 6% cash in the first year, 7.2% and 8.4% in the following years;
  • What remains of the debt will be divided into 84 installments. Individuals have a minimum monthly fee of R $ 50.00, and the payment decreases over the months.

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